Gert Huysmans

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Dr. Gert Huysmans is a GP and palliative care physician in CODA, Wuustwezel and the Lotus, Brasschaat. He is member of the ethics committee of KLINA, Brasschaat and lector at PXL hogeschool, Hasselt and Karel De Grote Hogeschool, Antwerpen.  He is member of the Belgian Federal Evaluation committee on Palliative Care, the former president of the Flemish Federation of Palliative Care, actual board member and coopted board member of the European Association of Palliative Care.




Since 1987          General Practitioner in a multidisciplinary practice

Since 1996          Palliative physician in a palliative center CODA  and the Lotus Wuustwezel with a homecare team, a daycare center, a palliative ward with six beds and a hospice with eight beds




Trainer in various palliative training courses

Author or co-author of various publications on palliative care

Lector KDG Hogeschool Antwerp and PXL Hasselt

Member of the ethical committee of KLINA, hospital Brasschaat

Member of the editorial staff of, guidelines-development

Member of the Federal Evaluation Cell of Palliative Care Belgium

2012-2022           President of the Flemish Federation of Palliative Care

Boardmember Flemisch Federation of Palliative Care since 2011 and boardmember EAPC since 2019