General information

Time zone and language

Time Zone

Dutch is the official language in the Netherlands, however English is widely spoken.
The official congress language is English. In the plenary room we will have translation/interpretation services, namely French, Spanish and Chinese.

Emergency and health

In emergency situations, you can contact the local police, ambulance service, fire department and other emergency services by calling 112.

Medical Services
Should you need to see a doctor or a dentist, we recommend contacting your hotel’s reception desk who will direct you to the medical professionals assigned to the hotel. If immediate medical attention is required, call the emergency services at 112. Emergency medical services (including transportation by ambulance) are not free and you will be billed for any services rendered.

Health and Immunizations
Vaccination certificates are usually not needed when travelling to the Netherlands, but please check shortly before the congress as requirements may change.

Telephones and electricity

Telephones International Dialing Codes
The Netherlands: +(31)
More dialing codes for other countries can be found here.

The standard electrical voltage in the Netherlands is 230 volts AC, 50Hz (hotel bathrooms may also have outlets for 100 volts). The electrical outlets in the Netherlands take two-pronged, round-pin plugs. We recommend that you purchase an adaptor for your electrical equipment prior to your arrival.

Water, weather and conversions

Tap water is safe to drink in Maastricht.

The average temperature in October is between 8°C (46.4°F), and 14°C (57.2°F). We recommend bringing wet-weather gear.

Distances in Maastricht are given in kilometers.
1 mile = 1.62 kilometers

Currency, ATM's and tipping

The currency used in Maastricht is Euros (€).

ATM's & Credit Cards
ATMs are widely available throughout Maastricht and most are open 24 hours a day. Souvenir and clothing shops accept all major credit cards, however supermarkets, cafes and some restaurants will only accept cash.

Most restaurants in Maastricht will automatically add a service charge to bills. Alternatively, a 5-10% tip at restaurants and cafés is acceptable.