The overarching theme of the congress is Cancer in Context. This theme can be placed in the context of:

  • The lifespan, from pediatric oncology to longterm survivorship and elderly cancer patients.
  • Personalized medicine and new medical therapies with prolonged life expectancy for a growing population of advanced and metastatic cancer patients, who face psychosocial challenges and have high expectancies of advances in medical technology.
  • The social environment of cancer patients, from close relatives to employers.
  • Evidence based psycho-oncological interventions and supportive care.
  • Advancing personalized psycho-oncology care models and clinical pathways for optimally tailored psycho-oncology supportive care.
  • Interdisciplinary healthcare, information provision (including psycho-education) and shared decision making.
  • New advances in other progressive chronic diseases. What can we learn from other areas of expertise?
  • New research methods, enabling in-depth knowledge of the psychosocial consequences following a cancer diagnosis.

The congress programme will be built around the overarching theme.