Marije van der Lee

Marije van der Lee _ PIMS7375 copy

Prof. dr. Marije van der Lee works at the department of Medical and Clinical Psychology of Tilburg University. She also works as a clinician, (Healthcare psychologist) at the Helen Dowling Institute, where she is also head of the research department. The Helen Dowling Institute is top clinical center in mental health and oncology in the Netherlands. We work with a multidisciplinary research team in close collaboration with our patientcare department. Marije van der Lee is interested in the topic of providing personalized care. Therefore they do network analyses on experience sampling data and qualitative research. She has a lot of experience of doing research in clinical practice and implemented several eHealth therapies. For example for treating severe chronic cancer-related fatigue & fear of cancer recurrence. She hopes to reduce the gap between science and clinical practice with her research!